What is a WebQuest?
Bernie Dodge of San Diego State University has defined a WebQuest has an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet. If this working definition does not give you a good explanation, please let me continue.

How I Found out About WebQuests
I found out about WebQuests by accident. One day I was in the computer lab trying to figure out a different way for my students to learn about the life and times of William Shakespeare. I did what most teachers would do…I started to Goggle William Shakespeare. I came upon a site that looked interesting, and before I knew it I found a wonderful new and exciting way for my students to learn about William Shakespeare through a WebQuest.

Implementing the WebQuest into my classroom allowed my students to complete several important goals and objectives through the use of technology. The WebQuest was a lot of work initially for me, but in the end it was well worth the effort. My students completed a survey at the end of the WebQuest, and as a result of the survey I learned that the students loved completing the assignments because they knew exactly what they needed to do; all of the web pages were readily available to them, and they were allowed to work in cooperative learning groups. I enjoyed the WebQuest because it allowed me to work with individual groups and students alike.

Why WebQuest?
My Top Ten Reasons Why Teachers Should WebQuest:
  1. Promotes technology literacy in the classroom
  2. Enhances cooperative learning among students
  3. Develops competency in using the internet/computer
  4. Different way to learn
  5. Student driven activities
  6. Learner uses time optimally within the classroom setting
  7. Provides an avenue for different learning styles
  8. Students can role play
  9. Allows for multi-level grouping
  10. Safe use of the internet

Time to Get Started

The best way to get started on a WebQuest is to jump right in! The following sites are excellent for teachers to use in the classroom:

Go to http://webquest.org/search/ for over 3000 different WebQuests to choose from
Go to http://www.spa3.k12.sc.us/WebQuests.HTM to learn how to design your own WebQuest