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Wouldn't you like to use a tool that can bring archeologists, rocket scientists, authors, and even opera singers from other parts of the United States and the world into YOUR classroom? Skype can do just that! The guest speaker that you have been waiting for is at the touch of button.

Maybe you need a better communication device for your professional learning community. The knowledge that you are gaining from various contacts has made your teaching experience much more enjoyable and worthwhile; yet the emails and expensive telephone calls are becoming a hassle. Why not collaborate with a tool that gives you audio communication as well as visual for FREE? After a short download, your PLC could be well on it's way to achieving its goal in a fun and easy way. Check it out at

Below is a video created by a brilliant classroom teacher named Victoria Davis. This video is great for beginners! It gives a few helpful hints for setting up a Skype account, various ways to use Skype in the classroom, safety tips and more!

Recording devices
You have decided that you would like to try using Skype in your classroom. You have found the perfect guest speaker, but you can not bring yourself to ask him to present 6 times in one day. In another instance, maybe you are tremendously involved in educational collaboration but are sometimes unable to answer your Skype calls or unable to be present for an important Skype chat. There is no need to worry.
Start by following the download instructions at You will be well on your way to operating your personal voice assistant.
Imagine this scenario. You are speaking with a student on Skype during class and having a extraordinary conversation about the topic at hand. The remainder of the class is hard at work with the given assignment and having their own conference calls on Skype. You do not want to interrupt the class; however you really want to share this information. You could record your conversation for the class to hear at a later time. You could try a plug-in for Skype called HotRecorder. You are able to choose from a FREE version or a commercial version that requires a small fee.
Try it now at

Additional Recording Devices

Below is an example of a Skype call recorded in Pretty May. Click to listen.

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