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Study Skills
This website contains information on basic study skills that all middle schoolers need. It gives explanations and tips for skills from avoiding procrastination to figuring out your learning style. I found it very useful with my Learning Strategies class.
Jessica Depew
Nonprint Media/ All Subjects
Teach with movies offers movie lesson plans and learnng guides to 270 movies. These guides include: background, discussion questions, and links to the Internet, projects, and vocaublary lists. They allow teachers to quicklya d easily create lesson plans suitable for their particular classes.
Alicia Driskill
Language Arts
This website provides teachers and students with a list of common terms used in literature. It allows the student to quickly locate a term (from allegory...zeugma), find the definition of the term, and examples of how to use the term. Some terms even have an illustration!
Alicia Driskill
Social Studies
A website that features an interactive map of the U.S. divided into time zones. If you click on a time zone it will take you to another page and give you the military time. This page also contains a world map that displays earth regions in light and darkness according to present time.